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Brocock Concept Lite Full Review/Hunt

Several weeks ago I received the New Brocock Concept Lite in .22 caliber from Airguns Of Arizona. This is a very tactical style rifle that I was excited to get to carry into the field for a full review. My first impression of the Concept Lite out of the box was it’s compact, tactical look. The rifle comes in at just under 6.5 lbs and has modular rail system with telescoping AR style stock.

Brocock Concept Lite Stats

This rifle can be adapted to be anything you want it to be: light because this rifle weighs under 6.5lbs in its base model configuration. Sporting a special telescopic rifle butt, synthetic AK pistol grip and three picatinny-style forend rails, the concept lights is the ideal choice for hunters looking for a small, compact yet powerful carbine -style rifle. Fitted with a very latest and greatest Huma-Air regulator and high-grade shrouded barrel, the concept light can produce up to 30 fpe in .22 caliber, while delivering 60 regulated shots from a 250bar fill. To improve the speed and accuracy or re-loading, the new rifle uses a slicker and larger side bolt handle for faster cocking from its 10 shot magazine.

Caliber .22
Max Velocity 950 fps
Muzzle Energy 30 ft/lbs
Loudness Low
Barrel Length 17″ LW Choked Barrel
Overall Length 33″
Shot Capacity 10
Regulator HUMA
Front Sight none
Rear Sight none
Scopeable 11mm/Picatinny
Trigger Two-stage adjustable
Buttplate Adjustable
Suggested for Hunting/Target
Action Bolt Action
Safety Manual
Moderated 1/2″ UNF
Shrouded Yes
Max Shots per Fill 60 Regulated
Body Type Rifle
Fixed/adj. power Multiple settings
Weight 6.5 lbs
Cylinder Size 150 cc
Warranty 3 years

The new Concept Lite from Brocock LTD is a tactical style air rifle that will impress the most critical and discerning shooter. The heartbeat of the Concept Lite is an all new floating hammer system mated with the renowned HUMA regulator for maximum shots per fill and extremely consistent velocity. The German barrel is slightly choked and delivers impressive accuracy with many brands and weights of pellets. Slugs will also chamber with ease for hunting applications at reasonable ranges. The build quality of the Brocock Concept Lite is second to none as evident in the main chassis that runs the entire length of the action. Milled from a single billet of aircraft grade alloy the impressive component is the foundation for the front Tri-Rail Picatinny mounting package. The robust design offers a bottom rail for extended bipod and hand grip mounting with two removable side rails for other tactical shooting aids. When removed the forend width of the rifle is very slim but the air cylinder remains protected from rough use. The butt stock is a AR15 compatible adjustable unit that will fit small to large shooters. The grip is an AK47 unit that can also be changed to the style desired by the owner. Cocking and firing the Concept Lite is quick and easy facilitated by the large tactical bolt handle. A multi-step power adjuster adds flexibility for backyard plinking or long range pest control. The trigger is a very nice two stage adjustable unit that gives precise control for the best accuracy. The Concept Lite sports added features such as a pressure gauge to monitor air pressure, a shrouded barrel for reduced report, extended rails for scope mounting options. A 10-shot magazine with included single shot tray, and a threaded muzzle for additional sound moderation as standard. The Concept Lite packs an impressive shot count in all calibers and is backed by a three year warranty. The Brocock Concept Lite is the most solid platform available for building a true tactical, firearm-grade air rifle system.

The first step I took with the Concept Lite was to thoroughly clean the barrel and mount the Aztec Optics 5.5-25x50FFP Scope. The rifle is very tactical and has a shroud that houses the 17″ LW choked barrel. This shroud is very stiff and is of smaller diameter than standard shrouds to conserve weight. At the end of the barrel shroud is a knurled cap that hides the 1/2″ UNF threading to mount a wide variety of moderators.

Next I looked at the 150cc Airtube that has a pressure gauge that shows the rifles 250bar fill. The Concept Lite uses a fill probe that’s inserted by twisting the gauge cover and inserting the probe into the fill hole. The cover can be turned after the probe is removed to keep debris from entering the fill port area.

The rifle has a modular rail system that allows mounting tactical style components such as flashlights, lasers or camera. The picatinny rails provided can be mounted on both sides of the rifles tactical frame to accept various accessories.

The bottom picatinny rail of the forend has plenty of room to mount a bipod front and back, this is very handy from both the field and bench.

Being able to have this much space allows the user to adjust the balance of the rifle under various field conditions. I like this feature very much and keeps the gun from being limited! Next I took a look at the two stage trigger that came set just under 1 lb and can be easily adjusted.

Just in front of the trigger is the manual paddle style safety that’s a very simple design and works great. Moving along the Concept Lite as many other models of Brocock rifles has an external power adjuster that has 4 increments of adjustment.

The power can be adjusted from 12 fpe, 18fpe, 24fpe and full power at just under 30fpe. This is a feature that can be used in situations where we might be doing some pest control inside a barn where lower power is needed. The adjuster acts as a restrictor of the transfer port and at the lowest power setting may increase the shot count of the rifle. The bolt on the Concept Lite is very robust and it’s increased size makes cocking the rifle much easier and quicker. Just behind the breech is where the hammer spring can be adjusted, this is a nice feature to be able to fine tune the rifle and bring the power levels up and down.

The Concept Lite in .22 caliber is very efficient set to 30fpe, to optimally bring the power level up the regulator may need to get turned up as well as some minor hammer adjustments. Through my experience the .25 calibers are better candidates for this type of tune, the .22 is best from factory settings and gives the most usable curve from a 150cc reservoir. Besides the 10 shot rotary magazine the rifle includes a single shot tray that slides in from the left side of the breech. The buttstock is telescoping and can be adjusted for length of pull, allowing it to be much shorter for packing away for travel.

The stock is a very nice design and has somewhat of a handle that may come in handy for bench use, more on this later. I checked the stock for movement, wobble etc, and found it to be very sturdy and solid. Sometimes these style stocks can have some play that in turn makes them rattle when carrying, glad this one didn’t. The rifle balances and shoulders very well, the AK style grip felt great in my hand as well. I was excited to get the Concept Lite to the range and get some practice in before a two day hunt.

Today I made it to the range with the Concept Lite so I could site in the rifle and learn a little more about it’s features.

From the bench the Concept Lite is a joy to shoot, I like being able to move the Accu-Tac bipod front and back to really fine tune the guns balance. Beyond the bipod I like that the stock can be adjusted to fit me perfectly. The buttstock has what acts as a handle that I can use my left hand to grab hold of, this makes a very stable hold of the rifle. I tested the velocity through the chronograph and was impressed with  the close numbers I was getting with help of the HUMA regulator. The concept Lite averaged  29 fpe over 60 shots with a 250bar fill. I have found that at these power levels the numbers are usually much closer, in turn accuracy is usually very good. I tried a variety of brands of pellets, weights and finally settled on the 18.13gr JSB’s, these worked very well. I zeroed the rifle at 50 yards and practiced for a few hours and varying ranges to get familiar with my holdovers. The Aztec Emerald FFP 5.5-25×50 worked very well for target shooting and should do well for most all hunting situations. The side focus and burly turret knobs made this scope pretty user friendly.

The glass on the Emerald is clear out to about 18 power, after that I found that the focus became much more sensitive and took time to adjust. For hunting situations I usually try keeping magnification lower so that I have a nice wide field of view. Overall I’m very impressed with the Aztec Emerald and give it a B+ rating!

After some practice time I put 10 shots downrange into a nice tight group that made me smile. The Concept Lite is a very predictable gun from the bench, very comfortable shooting gun.

I had no doubt that the rifle would be accurate enough for a few days of varmint hunting under some extreme field conditions. The Concept Lite is VERY accurate in .22 caliber!

The following day I loaded up the Jeep where Marley and I headed out the door by 4:00am to travel several hours north of us. This is a familiar location that I have not paid visit to for several years, the property is enormous and near the perfect habitat for the California Ground Squirrels.

As I drove into the area it soon became apparent that this place was infested with Ground Squirrels.

Most of the lower parts of this property are covered in Oak trees, fallen logs and rock outcroppings. The Ground Squirrels cause major damage by burrowing under trees that causes erosion, ultimately causing many of the trees to die prematurely.

Beyond damage to the trees the many holes make it dangerous for cattle to make way through this valley several times per day, the cattle can step in the holes and break their legs. The ranchers want the Ground Squirrels eradicated as quickly as possible so our job was critical here. I choose a great spot to make camp under one of many giant oak trees.

During Summer months the normal tall grass is all gone making visibility of the Ground Squirrels much easier. As I set up camp I could see the Squirrels running all over the place, some close enough to swing at with a golf club. I have not seen a property this infested in years, pretty unbelievable how out of control it had gotten. After setting up camp I loaded the Concept Lite and was eager to get started with our long few days of Varmint hunting. The Concept Lite’s magazine is very easy to load with pellets and slides into the breech with ease.

I had planned to eliminate as many as possible around the general location of camp, by this time the temperature was in the mid 90’s so sticking near the shade was a necessity. The first few targets were spotted popping out of their holes just East of the camp.

Within 5 minutes I had already taken 10 Ground Squirrels at ranges between 30 and 75 yards, pretty exciting.

The action went on for about 45 minutes before finally deciding to take a break in the shade of camp.

While taking a break and filming for the enclosed video review I wanted to share a little tip that has helped me on these trips. During Summer months I have found that using “dry ice” in my cooler has helped immensely to keep my stuff cold for days at a time.

I have found that dry ice in the bottom of the cooler with several bags of regular ice over helps keep my food and drinks cold for 5+ days. The places I frequent can reach temperatures up over 100 degrees making camping to say the least “miserable”. Tips like this are just one of the things I do to make life a little more comfortable in weather like this. After a short break Marley and I headed away from camp following a cattle trail.

The plan was to find a spot on higher ground that offered us a good panoramic view of the hunting area. This area was near the perfect habitat for the California Ground Squirrels with it’s many fallen logs and rock outcroppings.

Marley and I headed up the trail a ways where I was able to find a great spot behind a log that made a stable platform to shoot from.

Soon we spotted several Ground Squirrels at ranges between 40 and 65 yards.

I was able to put down 20+ kills from just this area that proved to be very busy. The Concept Lite worked very well with the bipod and was able to make some very precise shots at these ranges.

The weather was very monsoonal and brought a thunderstorm that dumped a good amount of rain on us. Marley and I huddled under a tree to protect the camera from the rain, the thunder was echoing through the canyon for just about 10 minutes. The temperature was in the high 90’s so a bit of rain was refreshing, it didn’t seem to bother the Ground Squirrels either. After the rain Marley and I continued along the cattle trail where I spotted a busy hotspot up on a fallen log at 45 yards.

Over the past few hours I was able to take close to 150+ Ground Squirrels with the Concept Lite. Marley and I headed back to the camp for a much needed break and to recharge my camera batteries after several hours of filming. After our long break at camp it was time to head back out for a bit of Cottontail hunting. The Concept Lite is very quiet in .22 caliber but it’s always nice to have “silent” with the addition of a moderator. Airguns Of Arizona outfitted me with a 0dB moderator that simply threads onto the front of the shroud via the 1/2″ UNF threads.

The 0dB moderator adds 6.5″ and weighs near nothing while quieting the report up to 80% making the rifle near silent. Marley and I hiked away from camp where I stopped for a few minutes to film a discussion on how the rifle carries.

The Concept Lite is a joy to carry without the bipod, I use a bipod because it allows me to set the gun down during the many times I have to position my camera for filming. If I was not filming I would remove the bipod and keep it in my backpack and add a single point sling. Without the bipod the Concept Lite shoots offhand very well and carries very easily. The guns so short that it makes moving through thick brush much easier than those that may have long barrels. Sometimes the long barrels can get hung up and are just plain annoying to carry through rugged terrain. As Marley and I continued up the hill paralleling a creek I was able to spot a Cottontail at 35 yards, all I could see was it’s ears and portion of the head.

I was able to make a great headshot where marley was able to recover. The temperature was cooling down a bit but the high humidity was taking it’s toll on me. Marley was happy to get her first bunny of the trip and was eager to continue our venture. As we made way down the trail I was able to take out a few more Ground Squirrels with one high up on a rock at 83 yards. This area is a very exciting place to hunt offering some very unique terrain to roam. The trail narrowed into a big open field where I was able to spot another Cottontail sitting on a rock at 96 yards.

When the wind is calm it’s amazing what can be done with just under 30fpe, the Concept Lite had no problem reaching out from the prone position. With two Cottontails in the bag Marley and I headed back to camp to situate ourselves for the long night of heat.


That evening we slept in the back of the Jeep with the windows open, the low for the night was 86 degrees. As hot as it was I will say that it was very relaxing to sleep with no blankets and with the tailgate open.

The following morning Marley and I set out by 7:15am where I filmed a few segments for the enclosed video before setting out on the trail. By 7:45 we had reached a spot that I had looked at the day before, looked to be fairly active.

This area was in the shade and I was able to use the rock outcropping to lean against for a nice stable position off my knee. I always like to find areas that have good shade and a nice open view of the areas to be hunted. Being in the sun can sometimes become a problem, sweat can run into eyes and this in turn can make shooting very difficult. After sitting for a few minutes I spotted my first victim at 70 yards making a clean spine shot.

This area gave me close to 40 kills before Marley and I moved along to the next area. As we made way over a small rolling hill I spotted what I thought to be a large Ground Squirrel sitting in between several large rocks. As we moved closer and positioned under an Oak tree I realized that it was a large adult Cottontail rabbit.


I was able to make a perfect headshot at 63 yards that sent the rabbit into a flip backwards with a loud distinct THWACK!!! Marley recovered and was happy that we were having such great luck with the bunnies. As we moved down the pasture I was able to take down even more Ground Squirrels with our total kills now up to over 240. To be honest I’m not sure that we really put that big of a dent in the population, many more left for another day. The Concept Lite put in a ton of work over these few days and worked very well for this Extreme Varmint hunt. My time spent with the Concept Lite was a joy and have been very pleased with it’s performance. Enclosed are my final honest thoughts of this rifle along with the review in video form. Remember “The best Airgun in the one you’re shooting”


  • Lightweight
  • Compact/Short
  • Durable
  • Great Shot Count
  • Regulated
  • Very Accurate
  • Adjustable Power
  • Quiet
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • Can Double Load
  • Fill Probe

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