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Daystate Renegade .25 HP Snow Hunt

Last month my good friend Terry AKA Offhand-Airgunner, received notice that he had been accepted to participate in Daystate's ASP program. This program was designed to give support to vloggers, budding journalists, hunters and competition shooters.…
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Brocock Concept Lite Full Review/Hunt

Several weeks ago I received the New Brocock Concept Lite in .22 caliber from Airguns Of Arizona. This is a very tactical style rifle that I was excited to get to carry into the field for a full review. My first impression of the Concept Lite…
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Brocock Bantam Sniper Mini/ Full Review and Cottontail Hunt

Several days ago I received the New Brocock Bantam Sniper Mini version in .22 caliber from Airguns Of Arizona. They outfitted me with this rifle and sponsored a full field review to show just what this little guns capable of in rugged conditions.…
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Varmint Hunting In Extreme Heat

By Dana Webb   Thursday morning we left the house and drove several hours into the remote mountains of Southern California. Terry and I set up in a location away from our campsite to check zero on our Air Rifles and to scout several…
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Fun and Gun weekend/hunting and shooting

Late Thursday evening I headed out with Marley several hours North into the secluded NF where I had previously scouted a good area to not only hunt, but shoot. My goal was to spend several days hunting and testing some ammo for not only the…
summer parasites
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Summer Parasites - A reminder for Health and Safety

by Ron Stephen Well, to be honest, my original intention for this article, was to write a simple tutorial on how to properly field dress a Rabbit. That changed while I was in the process of dressing this Rabbit, to an even more important subject,...…
.22 benjamin marauder
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Afternoon with an old friend

by Ron Stephen So I decided to pull out an old friend and spend a little time together. Sporting some very nice borrowed glass and a new bi-pod, we did a bit of bench work to get zeroed and reacquainted. It wasn't very long before we were…
cottontail hunt
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 The area we choose for the hunt was in the foothills of the Sequoia forest and offered a very secluded private hunting location with target rich Ground Squirrel and Cottontail habitat. We left to hunt very early Friday morning and arrived…
cottontail hunt
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Left the house early at 3:30 am to meet up with John Cripe from for some rabbit (jackrabbits & cottontail) hunting at a new spot we found. The weather was cool at around 38 degrees at 5:30 am, had cold weather gear and snow…