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Brocock Bantam Sniper Mini/ Full Review and Cottontail Hunt

Several days ago I received the New Brocock Bantam Sniper Mini version in .22 caliber from Airguns Of Arizona. They outfitted me with this rifle and sponsored a full field review to show just what this little guns capable of in rugged conditions.…
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Daystate Wolverine R HP .25 Field Review/Hunt

Several weeks ago I received the Daystate Wolverine R High Powered .25 PCP Airgun from Airguns Of Arizona. This is an exciting new rifle they were kind enough to sponsor me to field review. Over the past year I have been lucky enough to shoot…
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Brocock Commander Magnum .25 Full Review

This last Shot Show in Las Vegas brought many new Airguns to market including the New Brocock Commander. This was a rifle that caught my eye due to it's folding stock and tactical ergonomics that looked to make for a great field gun. I reached…