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Hello everyone,

It’s been a busy few weeks here with a ton of Airgun related reviews, and I just wanted to take the opportunity to touch base regarding our sister website AirgunFlix. This site originated in early 2018 during the time YouTube had set a strike on many gun related channels. The goal of AirgunFlix.com was to bring the community together as a whole and help support content creators. We wanted a place where everyone could play, including manufacturers and distributors. The response was great at first, and we received overwhelming support from the airgun community. Since that time, the financial support has been zilch, and the burden of running it and supporting it has fallen on Lindsey the web designer. A few have stuck by us through the beginning, but I think many have just lost interest or forgotten about it. Lindsey has worked very hard to keep things going, but the lack of participation from the 2000+ members has made it frustrating at times. This past week Lindsey and myself have done some major improvements to the site and I personally have committed to donating a few products to give away – to help boost participation.

      Here are a few features of the website:

  • Video Forum where you can share videos, photos, start channels and discuss topics
  • Chatroom where you can message other Airgunners all over the world
  • What’s Hot Survey where each month we promote & vote on a new Airgun or Accessory
  • Daily Crossword, News and upcoming Airgun related events
  • Airgun resources where you can find airgun retailers, products etc,
  • Earn points to receive FREE stuff every month ( Some good stuff coming soon)
  • Top 15 popular Airgun videos monthly
  • One user video per day will get shared to our social media pages

The site is open to anyone to post Airgun related topics and is in no way biased to certain manufacturers or distributors. We don’t choose what we want to post, you do!! Help us to go further by visiting, sharing and continuing to love the sport of Airgunning.

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