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Airgun Flix Launch

In the past several weeks the Airgun community had lost many favored channels, some have been slowly restored and others may never return. This unfortunately is something we as creators will never recover from, the thought of losing our content and being restricted to what we can or cannot share with the world. I spent several sleepless nights thinking about this and finally decided to do something about it, not only for myself but other content creators. I think it’s worth more than anything to have a safe place to share, post and find other Airgunners. With the help of our very own web designer, a quick plan was set into place for the “Imperfect Airgun Community” was launched 3/1/2018 to satisfy the need for safe content uploading. Here your content will never just disappear all of a sudden, without any warning. Uploading videos, images and channel status is a breeze! It is based off of social media type platforms, with the airgun community in mind. This website like any other needs to be used and shared in order for it to grow and evolve into the great idea it started as. This site is free to the user and will rely on donations from Airgun related businesses to keep it running to the standards we all can enjoy. We would encourage sharing of this site to help us gain the content that will bring us all closer together. Please feel free to visit the site and sign up.




YouTube against the Airgun community

Beginning in 2016, YouTube and several other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have abundantly dissolved much of the Airgun related content. The reason for this treatment is a direct response to many horrific events in which affects (not only us as human beings), but the gun community as a whole. We tread lightly in order for our content to continue to be hosted on these online platforms, but it does not seem to matter either way. For many well known creators this has made a huge financial hardship with loss of revenue due to demonetization. Many YouTube creators have chosen to have their video’s monetized, over time these views turn into cash to support themselves and the hobby itself. For myself I have never relied on the video’s I create to fund my life expenses, others are reliant over years of hard work. For myself the video’s help to promote the MountainSport Airguns name and the amount of subscribers are an advantage to dangle in front of Airgun companies to provide Airgun, accessories etc. For some the true benefit is to have the content they create to be found, shared and suggested throughout searches using “Keywords” or ‘Tags”. When a person types in something like “Airgun Reviews” a huge list of popular related video’s will appear. This system is a powerful tool for reaching new audiences and gaining subscribers that will share, like, comment. The engagement from an audience is a wonderful tool for getting that information you want into the public’s eye.

What can I do with my existing YouTube channel?

A few things need to be done but the most important would be to backup the existing video’s to another hosting service.

What if I have not saved my video’s?

It’s still possible to save these video’s, several ways to go about but this is how I did it. I first went to YouTube and hit the “share” button on the desired video.

“Copy” the link that can then be posted into a converter and downloaded into an mp4 video file.

Paste that link into box and then convert into mp4, then hit download. This will be saved into your computer with very little space.


Download and save for upload to desired hosting service

Where should I go with my video’s?

We have tried several different hosting sites and have decided to use Vimeo, depending on how many video titles you have this may be a great alternative. The video’s will at this point be safe and available to share through social media sites, forums etc,


What’s the downside to using other hosting services?

The bottom line is they simply aren’t as popular as YouTube for searching Airgun related content. By doing this we as creators have the feeling of having to start over. We have to find new followers and try to bring existing followers with us on this journey, this is where social media becomes very important. The Airgun community really needs to pull together and help each other in sharing each others content. Starting over may turn out to be a great thing and bring all our video creators closer together. Many have even chosen other social media platforms such as MeWe, a no bs social media site that’s censorship free. These changes have taken place in the past such as when MySpace was the popular before Facebook. 

What can we do to help?

Well if you are a channel who has not yet been affected by this censorship by YouTube you may not take all this to heart. The reality is you may be gambling with the hard work you have put into building your channel. Taking the steps to protect yourself is a smart move and best to be done quickly before content is simply “erased” and removed. We at MountainSport Airguns have chosen to no longer upload to YouTube and to simply let the channel go, no sense in continuing to feed the enemy. We are in process of developing a great option for Airgun video creators. Stay tuned and keep shooting!!


Visit the Video Forum at Airgun Flix