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My YouTube Channel Inspiration

Over many years of enjoying Airguns and the Outdoors I have encountered many YouTube Channels that have both entertained and inspired me. I thought it would be nice to showcase a few of these channels with the hopes that others may find in them what I have. The beginning of last year I really started to pay more attention to other channels for not only entertainment but for inspiration in producing better content. Making videos is not easy, especially for someone like me that’s not always comfortable putting myself in public eye. Much of what I have done has been out of my comfort zone and has required a ton of “learning new things”. Having good camera equipment is great but making quality content goes far beyond just that. For me I enjoy telling a story and trying the best I can to make others feel like they’re with me on these Adventures. Here are a few channels that have shown me it’s ok to be yourself and that each creator has their own style of videos.

American Airgun Hunter

One of the first guys I started watching was Jim Chapman “American Airgun Hunter” Channel. Jim has been around Airguns for many years and has played a big roll in getting people excited about them. Beyond being a frequent face on the show “American Airgunner” I think some of his best work is some of his older blogs that he had written. His writing is a bit rough around the edges but that’s what I was drawn to, real stories under real circumstances. Jim and I have met several times over the years and have always enjoyed getting to talk with him. Today Jim is still out doing a variety of hunts and often documents his hunts found here on his blog. This is one of Jim’s latest videos I hope some may enjoy, don’t forget to subscribe!

Thanks Jim


My next Showcased YouTuber is none other than Jonathan Hefferon over at “Wingman115” Channel. Jon has been around the Outdoor scene for many years and has been consistent in making videos since 2006 with just over 43k subscribers. Through the years Jon has made many Airgun related videos, some of those have inspired myself and thousands of others to get interested. Jonathan has a ton of knowledge to share and has a passion for the outdoors that’s simply hard to beat on any other channel. Beyond the Airguns he’s well known in the knife industry and is an avid bowhunter. Little did I know the person who had played such a huge roll in my growth as a YouTuber would become such a close friend and supporter. A few years ago Jon invited my to a winter campout with him and a few other well known videographers. We became good friends and since then have collaborated on several videos as well as him helping me with the Airgun Survival Challenge. Here is one of his videos that inspired me to get out and start documenting my adventures. Check out some of his other videos, the best thanks is to hit that subscribe button.

Patagonia Airguns

Over the years many YouTubers have payed a big roll in the progression of the sport, Claudio Flores from “Patagonia Airguns” is one of those. His love for airguns in apparent in every one of his productions and in my opinion has some of the best cinematography found on YouTube. Claudio is a native to Chile that has enjoyed hunting with Airguns for over 20 years. He is what you may call an extreme hunter and one that doesn’t let a cold, windy day keep him from the thrill of the hunt. Claudio hunts a variety of animals, one of which is the giant Beaver that can reach weights up over 60 pounds. Claudio has a long list of accomplishments including winning the Extreme Benchrest competition using a .22 caliber Brocock Sniper. He has traveled all over the world and hunted with familiar faces such as Matt Dubber and Kip Perow. Brocock to has a rifle modeled after him, something very few have been able to say. Claudio and his family have visited my home and we have become very close friends over the many years of knowing each other. Many of the skills you see in my videos are a direct result of his time spent with me, and helping to better the quality of my work. Here is one of his video’s I hope some may enjoy, help him out by subscribing.

The Outdoor Gear Review

This next channel doesn’t represent Airgun related content but has influenced me immensely over the past few years. Luke and Susan over at “The Outdoor Gear Review” channel have some amazing content. The Outdoor Gear Review has been set up for those who love nature, hiking, backpacking and adventure. Many tune into the channel because they wish to live vicariously through the videos and that’s completely understandable. I have enjoyed watching the adventures Luke and his beautiful wife Susan have produced over the years, completely agenda free. They have no sponsor affiliation and rely on support from the community to keep going, to me that’s honorable. Luke has shown me that its ok to be yourself and not to be afraid to show a products shortcomings, in the end it helps others and builds a better community. Luke and I have become pen pals and enjoy exchanging each others adventures through YouTube, Cheers my friend. Here is a hand picked video I hope you can enjoy and subscribe to!

Airgun Only Adventures

Here is a channel that’s on the top of my list for quality Airgun hunting content, “Airgun Only Adventures” Channel. Kip Perow who is featured in this channel does a little bit of everything. Kip has a long career in the gun industry and is a major contributor to helping make Airguns legal for big game hunting. In addition, Kip has been helping with AOA’s development and design of its new big bore Airgun.  His knowledge of hunting and firearm ballistics has helped direct the design and direction of the Western Big Bore ‘.45 Bushbuck. Kip has used this big bore to take down many of the game animals Arizona has to offer. Through my many visits to Arizona I have always encountered Kip as being one of the most enthusiastic and genuinely nice guys in the Airgun industry. His knowledge of hunting and years of real experience in the field has made him a true Airgun Icon. Here is a handpicked video of just one of Kips hunts that I hope some may enjoy and subscribe to.

Cyclops Videos

My next member of the community is no doubt a crowd favorite and one of the most entertaining faces on YouTube. Joe Rhea from “Cyclops Videos” channel is no doubt one of the classics and as original as they come. Joes channel was born from Airguns but has moved much of the focus to doing scope reviews. Chances are if you have ever been looking for a scope to buy you may have come across his channel. Joe’s channel is no nonsense tell it how it is with very little filtering, his abrasive language is all part of his charm. Joe has become a friend of mine over the years and we talk frequently, he’s been a huge support and am extremely grateful to call him a friend. Here is one of his videos that I hope can bring some laughter as well as a new subscriber. Cheers to you Joe!

The Dollar Sportsman

Over the past few years I have encountered many newer channels but none such as “The Dollar Sportsman”. Noor has been producing Airgun and outdoor related content since 2016 and has been growing ever since. His channel has a variety of Airgun related content but has a good base with the budget minded Airguns. Noor is a family man and has a camera presence that I truly envy with his kind of goofy be yourself kind of attitude. The Dollar Sportsman brings the excitement and is chuck full of interesting adventures as well as tips and guides to becoming a better shooter. Last year I had the pleasure of spending several days with Noor in the Sky Islands hunting tree squirrels. His passion for the outdoors and genuine enthusiasm for the sport of Airgunning will take him far in the industry. Here is his documentation of our adventure to the Sky Islands I hope you may enjoy and Subscribe to.

The Airgun Advisor

Since 2017 “The Airgun Advisor” has been a channel that I have watched closely and have genuinely enjoyed watching. Chad Kenter who runs the channel is an avid shooter and has done some great things over the years helping to bring awareness to the sport of Airgunning. His channel has a very unique character about it and I can appreciate the time it takes to produce his videos. Chad produces some very informative and honest out of the box reviews and has a real no nonsense approach to his format. Here is a look at one of his videos I hope some may enjoy and Subscribe to. Cheers to you Chad!

Shooting Gear Reviews

This is no doubt one of the hottest Airgun channels on YouTube and for good reason. The “Shooting Gear Reviews” channel has been around since 2018 but Ben Pierson is not new to the industry. Ben has been featured and part of “The Airgun Web TV” series and personal friend of Richard Eustler. Ben is involved with many different brands of Airguns and gives honest reviews filmed with exceptional quality. Ben has years of professional videography under his belt and his videos are extremely well produced for optimal quality. Besides owning one of the top channels he’s a family man and enjoys his time spend on his beautiful ranch in northern Arizona. The beginning of this year I had the privilege and pleasure to spend a few days with Ben doing some prairie dog hunting. Ben is a fantastic hunter and one of the nicest guys you can meet in the industry. His knowledge for Airguns is freely passed on through his videos and I encourage you to check them out and Subscribe.

Junkyard Fox

Although the “Junkyard Fox” channel doesn’t cover any Airgun related material it has influenced me with much of my content. James Harris is well known for creating self reliance type videos with well over 66K subscribers. The Junkyard Fox channel covers a variety of subjects, crafts and skills for beginners. From wilderness self-reliance skills, hunting and gathering and urban survival techniques to modifying and adapting your outdoors gear to become more versatile. This channel is based out of El Paso Texas and has a very southwestern style to the filming and some fantastic music that’s produced by Cuervo Negro. James has inspired me in many ways to better my own channel and to step aside and show the entire experience of being outdoors. Here is a handpicked video I hope you may enjoy and Subscribe to! Cheers to you James

Varminter Magazine

As you know much of my own content is hunting so it’s obvious I keep tabs on other channels that partake in similar genera of films. The “Varminter Magazine” channel and blog have been a big influence to many who enjoy hunting in general. Eric Mayer has been around for years and has been a pillar in the hunting community for both Airguns and Firearms. His blog has many fantastic documentations from his years of experience in the field using a variety of hunting equipment.  This channel focuses on Varmint and predator hunting,  ammo and gear reviews, his videos cover all aspects of these subjects for the hunter. Eric also includes many videos on lead free ammunition and Air Rifles! Through the years Eric has personally helped legalize the use of Airguns for hunting and works closely with the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Eric and I talk frequently and he has on many occasions given me some great advice to help with my own productions. Here is one of his videos I hope you may enjoy and Subscribe to.


Many who frequent my channel can no doubt see some of my inspiration may have come from Les Stroud. Best known as the Canadian Screen Award winning producer, creator and star of the hit TV series “Survivorman” . Les Stroud is the only producer in the history of television to produce an internationally broadcast series entirely written, videotaped and hosted alone. His self filming documentary style films are at the top of the list of unique. I can tell you from experience it’s not easy to produce self filmed videos of this magnitude and he is a master at it. I have tried my best to mimic this style of filming on many of my adventures but Les is a hard man to follow. Here is a handpicked video I hope you may enjoy! Thank you Les

This list of inspirational channels could go on forever but unfortunately my time is up for now, I plan to add more of these in the future. YouTube is a big place and I think it’s important to share and enjoy a wide spectrum of content. I really appreciate those who have supported our channel and can only hope to share more as time allows. Marley and I will soon be on the road for another few weeks of filming , cant wait to share our adventures when we return. If you would like to support the channel I encourage you to visit the SHOP page where you can purchase hats and shirts. This money goes directly back to helping us continue our adventures here!

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  1. James
    James says:

    I am truly honored to make the list Dana, and I’ll be checking out these other channels. I’ll be starting work on reviewing the brick rifle and doing some pigeon hunting/cooking. Cheers!


    • Eric - Varminter Magazine
      Eric - Varminter Magazine says:

      Btw, Les Stroud is the MAN! I’ve followed him for years and his “Survivor Man” series on television was the precursor to so many outdoor shows that try to mirror what he does!


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