Behind The Mountains

Over the years I have devoted most all of my attention to the Airgun industry, with reviews, hunts, and some amazing trips that have been one adventure after another. Much of my time is spent in the field documenting my experiences with various Airgun related projects and publishing them here, as well as in video form. Beyond the Airguns I have a great love for the outdoors and most all of the equipment that helps me enjoy it. Though many enjoy the camping and hunting together, I have seen a huge decline in the interest of my work as a whole. This last few months I have planned to make some changes to Mountain Sport Airguns and part of that is to discontinue much of the non Airgun related content from the channel and writings. I have decided to keep future videos on track with Airguns only and leave the camping content to the New sister channel “Behind The Mountains”. This new channel will allow me to keep with being creative and share my camping and outdoor adventures with a wider range of audience.

Behind The Mountains

This New channel will include Overland camping in my Jeep, backpacking, building survival shelters… I enjoy it all! History, survival, preparedness, gear, and exploring are all a part of how I enjoy experiencing the outdoors. On this channel we will show content on overland vehicle camping, RV adventures, finding and exploring abandoned historic sites, experimenting with quality gear, developing survival skills, bug out theory, and even a little bit of fishing. My dog Marley and I enjoy having fun and bringing the best, quality outdoor content possible. I invite those interested to check it out and subscribe if you would like. As always, I really appreciate all the support.

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