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Airgun Tour of the West

About a year ago I started doing some searching for a scope camera to incorporate into my videos to capture some of the action on my hunts. Through some research I discovered a company called Tactacam, they build high quality cameras and film…
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Daystate Renegade .25 HP Snow Hunt

Last month my good friend Terry AKA Offhand-Airgunner, received notice that he had been accepted to participate in Daystate's ASP program. This program was designed to give support to vloggers, budding journalists, hunters and competition shooters.…
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Brocock Commander Magnum .25 Full Review

This last Shot Show in Las Vegas brought many new Airguns to market including the New Brocock Commander. This was a rifle that caught my eye due to it's folding stock and tactical ergonomics that looked to make for a great field gun. I reached…
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Varmint Hunting In Extreme Heat

By Dana Webb   Thursday morning we left the house and drove several hours into the remote mountains of Southern California. Terry and I set up in a location away from our campsite to check zero on our Air Rifles and to scout several…
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Fun and Gun weekend/hunting and shooting

Late Thursday evening I headed out with Marley several hours North into the secluded NF where I had previously scouted a good area to not only hunt, but shoot. My goal was to spend several days hunting and testing some ammo for not only the…