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Seneca Eagle Claw Field Review&Hunt

About a month ago I received the New Seneca Eagle Claw from Pyramydair to field review. This is a .25 caliber lever action 70 fpe rifle that I was more than excited to get to field use. We have received a good amount of rain and snow so it took…
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Ataman BP17 Full Field Review

Several weeks ago I was shipped the new Ataman BP17 Bullpup from Pyramyd Air. This was one that really excited me because it's near the smallest Bullpup ever made at 24" long. The black soft touch rifle was delivered in excellent condition along…
summer parasites
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Summer Parasites - A reminder for Health and Safety

by Ron Stephen Well, to be honest, my original intention for this article, was to write a simple tutorial on how to properly field dress a Rabbit. That changed while I was in the process of dressing this Rabbit, to an even more important subject,...…